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Who we are

Abbarc Industries Limited is a limited private company incorporated in Uganda. The primary activity of Abbarci Industries Limited is value addition to coffee. The company is an integrated coffee value addition chain reputed for first class coffee cleaning, grading, separation from extraneous matter and sorting (especially colour-sorting). Abbarci Industries Limited purchases, processes, bulks and, or roasts and blends coffee; then markets both green beans and roasted beans. Abbarci Industries Limited leverages network infrastructure of cooperative and organized farmers’ groups, agents and traders to source high quality beans for processing in its factory in Nkoma, Gombe Division, Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District. The factory is about 5km from Matugga along Semuto Road near Ssanga trading centre.

Abbarci Industries Limited provides market for the farmers, processes the acquired green beans for export and, or roasts the beans for both the local and foreign market as well as availing its state-of-the-art machines for any coffee producer/trader to hire to process or roast his/her coffee for either the internal or external market. Our world class factory guarantees very high-quality output. Our roasting and blending is shouldered on a rich experience, loads of knowledge and diverse advanced qualifications of our team which strive for unique satisfaction of the clients by meeting the individual preferences wholesomely.

The graded, roasted and, or blended Ugandan coffee from our factory is being savoured in North Africa, Asia and Europe through our partners’ distribution networks. Among those who import from us are the companies named below, to mention but a few: Bijdendijk (Netherlands), Vidya (India), DLF Alfa (Sudan), Terra Core Morocco), Asala (United Arab Emirates), Grand Forest (United Arab Emirates), General Trading (Sudan), Flow Dis (Morocco) & Ecom (Italy).

Additionally, Abbarci Industries Limited partners with farmers to spur their agricultural productivity by providing extension services, financial services and high-quality inputs. This end-to-end integration, from farmer to market, generates tremendous impact by unlocking market value for farmers and improving their production practices. As such, the Abbarci Industries Limited has significant public-sector stakeholders including: Operation Wealth Creation, Uganda Cooperative Alliance and Mwany Terimba Limited of the Buganda Kingdom. 

Thus, when you think of coffee, think of coffee from Abbarci Industries Limited. 



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