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There are two main varieties of coffee beans in the world: Coffee Arabica, and Coffee Robusta.  More than three-quarters of beans that are sold in the world today are Coffee Arabica, while the f the remaining are Coffee Robusta.


The Arabica coffee beans is the most popular type of coffee which is considered of a higher quality, hence the baptism of gourmet coffee. It has a half the amount of caffeine as Robusta and a more pleasing taste and a smoother aromatic property with a sweeter and more complex flavour than Robusta.


Robusta coffee beans are of a lower grade than Arabica making them cheaper. They are typically grown at lower elevations. They are easier to grow and maintain: more disease resistant, easier to tend to on the farm and have higher yield.

Green and Roasted Coffee Beans

The Roasting of Abbarci Coffee is a complex process that needed to apply carefully the heat to green coffee in an effort to transform the basic stuff of life contained within each seed – sugars, proteins, acids, etc – into delightful aromas of roasted nuts, berries, more in which the beans will discharge their outer skins, leaving behind its shell which is known as the chaff.

The Green coffee beans are simply beans that have not yet been roasted, but they are the beans in the purest and rawest form. These raw beans are harvested to either produce more coffee plants or to roast, for making into the popular beverage “coffee.”