Why Should You Deal with Us


We freshly roast every batch of coffee beans then dispatch around the world, because we believe great coffee should be shared. We’re passionate about coffee. That means we expect more from our beans than just a killer jolt of caffeine. We are also committed to providing the best quality green beans to all roasters (be they specialty roasters or not) for sale, at the right price, at the right time and so offer the best service obtainable.

We aim to guarantee our customers and consumers a product with high-quality standards.


The world has traditionally imported most of its coffee from markets such as Brazil and Colombia due to small domestic production, which is currently facing challenges of high labour costs, lower yield, and fragmented production.

Importers and wholesalers used to look for extra markets to expand their purchases but over the recent years, they have started sourcing from Uganda. This is especially because there is high demand for organic coffee and Uganda is well known for organic coffee.


The world of coffee is always expanding, and creating more and more options for all coffee-lovers to choose from all over the world which makes this our first priority – we only buy coffee beans that we find are exceptionally excellent in quality.


We hardly compromise our sustainability that circles around Quality, Price & Relationships which makes it more reliable for producers combined with our diligence in seeking out the world’s best coffees available.


Relationships are the most important way to sourcing high-quality coffee. We usually pay with premium prices, and we also make sure our producers will be with us as a long-term business partners; and we also build a lasting relationship with all of our customers.



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