Roasted Coffee Exports



The roasting process develops the coffee’s distinctive flavor and causes the coffee bean to expand and shed its paper-like hull. Coffee roasting processes are unique, complex and often tailored to produce the roaster’s own preference which it is a chemical process by mixture of aromatics, acids, and other flavor components alter in a way that augment the flavor, acidity, aftertaste, and body of the coffee beans. And after the coffee beans are roasted, they will be cooled and blended into countless flavor and strength compositions.

Abbarci  offers coffee roasted products to companies and supermarkets. We also offer Private Labeling Services, wherein you can place your own suggested brand name as Wholesaler or Retailer on the packaged coffee products.

The Roastery is the heart of our business, we created this to bring the highest quality coffee beans to the coffee market of Uganda. Our all-in-all facility includes a Tasting, Training, Roasting with our staff that who are always on hand to help us. This is the Home of our products, our coffees, and our people.

In every coffee, it has its own story, such as the history of soil, culture, and people, which make each one special. Our job at the Roastery is to help you discover yours. You may choose from our range of Roastery Coffee Blends, which is crafted to perfection. 


Get Samples

Get a sample simply by going to the "Get Sample" page. You can view the sample products offered and order what you require from the options.
Step 01

Placing your order

Decide and contact us on your preferred coffee variety, grade and amount of volume you require.
Step 02

Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice will be emailed to you specifying the volume and cost. It will also include bank details, payment terms Payment Terms T/T (Start Production) 50% Deposit / 50% Bill of Lading (Final Payment) Shipping Options FOB / CIF
Step 03


Once the Deposit has been cleared, we will start processing your order and production lead time will average from 10 to 25 days.
Step 04

Processing completed

Coffee beans are packed in 60 Kilogram Jute bulk bags and ready for export. Bags will be loaded into the specified container size from our allocated credited export premises.
Step 05

Road / Rail Transport

Transport from Kampala Uganda to Mombasa Kenya Port. Trucks or rail will be used to transport the goods to Mombasa Port.
Step 06

Booking Shipment

Shipping time and date is booked. Documents required: Certificate of Country of Origin, Bill of Lading.
Step 07

Shipping Process

Shipping schedule based on location and routes. (Shipping Schedule will provided)
Step 08

Vessel docked at destination port

Container unloaded from the ship and transferred for quarantine and inspection process. (Clearance Time Estimated between 1 to 4 days depending on the port.)
Step 09


You will need to assign a Customs Agent that will deal with all the required paperwork for Customs Clearance from the allocated port.
Step 10

Goods cleared from port

Pre-booking container trucks to remove the containers from the port and delivery to the destination point allocated for unloading the container.
Step 11


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