Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we deliver coffee worldwide.

Shipping costs will vary for a majority of orders. To discuss specific shipping options and costs for your order, please contact us.

Rest assured, we are here to help with your first coffee import. We specialize in international trade and will guide you step by step through the whole process.

Prices vary and depends on local and global market conditions. Get in touch with us today to learn our latest information.

Road transport and shipping operate 7 days a week.

All standard Incoterms shipping options available. Please contact Coffee Beans Africa to discuss your specific shipping needs.

International Destinations: Coffee Beans Africa also ships to 40+ countries around the world.

Both the varieties of coffee are grown around the world that suit best for each variety. Also, these two varieties have distinctively different flavours to satisfy you. While the Robusta coffee is bitter and bold, the Arabica coffee is sweet and mild. Wherein the two varieties are blended to get the perfect cup.

There is no minimum order, although if you order a smaller than average order volume it may not be sustainable and economical to purchase and ship this way. To discuss specific shipping options and cost for your order, please contact us.

Once order is confirmed with deposit paid, estimated turn-around lead time is between 10 – 25 days.

There are a few steps involved in placing your order. Follow link to give you a breakdown of order process. Click here



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